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Some time ago, the WWE had their brand split or brand extension as some persons refers to it. The brands were RAW and Smackdown and several superstars were drafted in to different arms of the brands.

The WWE brand extension was indeed an idea born out from necessity as both Stephanie McMahon and her brother Shane McMahon are eager to control the WWE. The brand extension was successful and the McMahon siblings were made commissioners of each brand. Vince encouraged them to get a manager each for their brands to enable run their brands effectively.

Shane McMahon who has become the commissioner of SmackDown live chose Daniel Bryan as his manager while Stephanie McMahon the commissioner of RAW chose Mick Foley and these brand has been effectively run ever since. Vince McMahon wished that both RAW and SmackDown will have the same number of championships; the reason for this may be having the same number of championship belts putting both shows on an equal footing.

More so it is revealed, that SmackDown live will soon add a new championship title to their brand. Reports have it that this championship that will be added to SmackDown Live isn’t final yet; the early plans are for SmackDown Live to get its own division of Cruiserweights which will however, depends on the reception that Raw’s Cruiserweight Division gets. Well, it is reported that action is on to be done and soon or later, the new championship title will be added to the SmackDown Live brand.