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It is noticeable that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title has been revolving round the three members of the Shield, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose who is now the present Title bearer.

It was not easy though, to get the title off the guy, Roman Reigns as he always won all the #1 contender for the championship title and this has given him a name in the company. Actually, the belt was collected from Triple H by Roman and now it has gone round the whole members of the Shield.

While trying to figure out the most favorite member of the shield, the WWE was adviced to to go on a poll so as to know the audience favorite superstar amongst the three members of the shield. After the poll, it was revealed that Dean Ambrose lead with 43% votes followed by Seth Rollins who had 30 %votes and lastly, Roman Reigns with 27% votes.

It is clear now the present WWE Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose has become the most cherished among his brothers. What a booing for Roman Reigns! No one would have thought of it happening this way regarding the fact that Reigns has been the most leading champion so far.

Well, the sayings of the fans have really counted but it is clear that Dean won’t bear the title for long time because he is a gimmick guy.