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It is astonishing that Kevin Owens the WWE superstar cannot differentiate between Real and kayfabe in this technological age.

Ever since social media began the problems of Kayfade and Reality is just like a thing of the past. But this doesn’t stop him from getting the support from wrestling fans.

This great wrestler is also known for his ridiculous behaviors on Twitter. On Sunday night he took the number of a great number of fans at a show in Wisconsin. Before entering the ring, Kevin Owens made a challenge and he saw through to its accomplishment and ridiculing an arena where we have a great number of fans.

Kevin Owens is not a newbie to Wisconsin. During Kevin Owens ROH’s tenure he was a face for something unlike in WWE.

Even at that time, Kevin Owens said some pretty good things about Wisconsin and used the opportunity to get revenge on the Wisconsin fans by ironically making them look foolish.