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Kevin Owens has made marvelous moves ever in his career since he made his main event rooster debut. The WWE has become a universe where the unexpected always happens. And this time, it has come again.

With the ongoing happenings in the company, we can simply say that superstars who are not thought would go through are the ones always making progress in the company. For instance Dean Ambrose and Enzo and Cass are winning over more fans than the ones we thought would make it.

According to, Kevin Owens is the frontrunner to win the Money in the Bank ladder match. The outcome of this is not known anyway. May be they got it through betting or backstage talk but whatsoever the means may be, what certain is that if the news be not false, it is certain to happen.

The recent winnings of Kevin Owens have proved this to be true and what is certain to happen. Owens has fought against Cesaro, with his hands raised both times, again, he fought and won Ryback at Night of Champions to his first Intercontinental Championship win. This is indeed a proof to what is set to happen.