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The last episodes of the WWE Monday Night RAW Show were so indifferent from what was supposed to happen at this week’s show. This brought about lots of imagination in the minds of everyone in the WWE Universe pertaining what will happen as the show seemed to be very unpredictable and full of suspense.

The WWE Monday Night RAW was the last RAW show in line before the brand split which means that lots and lots were expected to happen including the big announcement which the WWE Universe have longed for ever since. The brand split will find its way in to the WWE sooner than later and much has been said to take place.

Before the show kicked off, the preview of the compound show help between the Wyatts family and the New Day were played and there is the tendency of a rematch which means that the Wyatt family will be visiting the New Day’s compound.

The most exciting moment of the preparation of the show was the announcement of the huge title match. Again, the show was specified to feature the announcement of who acts as the general manager of the RAW show of which several candidates have been nominated which include, Triple H who is the husband of the commissioner of the RAW show, the WWE Legend Sting.

More so, others include; Eric Bischoff and JBL, these ones are thought to be the best for the show and apart from that, it was revealed that Stephanie McMahon may just want to make herself the controller of the show instead of hiring any manager since she has full time in the WWE Television.

Furthermore, the compound against The Wyatt family and the New Day stable will then lead to a deletion match. The match has been booked for the WWE Battleground programming and lots more expected to be the main event of the show.