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Not quite long it was revealed that the Boss Vince McMahon will show up at the Monday Night RAW to announce who takes over each show of both SmackDown And the WWE Monday Night RAW.

This turned out to be real and not a mere discussion because Vince McMahon actually did appeared on the day he was announced and indeed to fulfill all righteousness as he was supposed. He announced Stephanie McMahon to be the commissioner of RAW while Shane McMahon becomes the commissioner of WWE SmackDown which seemed superb in the eyes of the WWE fans.

More so, after the announcement, Vince McMahon gave his children condition which is to employ general managers for each show so as to run the shows more effectively. Afterwards, it was rumored that Shane has chosen the WWE Legend, Daniel Bryan as his manager for the Monday Night RAW show strongly confiding him and expects that Daniel will serve him better.

Stephanie McMahon on her own path is yet to choose her own general manager, it seems that she is contemplating and there is even a possibility that she may just choose herself for the post instead of giving it out to another person. Also, there is the possibility of her, announcing her husband Triple H as the general manager for the show. Well, this could mark a blissful and a reasonable return for Triple H.

Furthermore, apart from Stephanie McMahon choosing herself or her husband, there are few others in the list for her to choose either. These include; JBL, Eric Bischoff and even Sting. If perhaps Stephanie McMahon decides to choose either of these Legends for the position, what will be the talk on the path of fans? Will they cheer at any of the other listed candidates apart from Triple H? wow, this is really serious, what do you think?