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It was indeed a big return to have the superstar back to WWE again. Ever since returning to WWE, Jinder Mahal has been on the talk and it seems that the company is high on him now than before.

Report by Wrestling Observer Radio has it that, veteran pro-wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer said that several WWE personalities backstage are applauding Jinder Mahal for the work he’s put in since returning to the WWE and his new, transformed physique.

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Not minding the bevvy of steroid accusations against Mahal, the WWE is reportedly pleased with his work ethic, as the Canadian-Indian is said to be taking his current run with the company very seriously and is working very hard in order to make sure that he earns the opportunities afforded to him by WWE.

Recently, Jinder appeared on talking smack where he poured out some necessary facts about his return to the company and his run also. It is now revealed that Jinder would be the opponent of Randy Orton at Backlash PPV.