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Observably, top legends finds it a wise thing to have fun and it has been so obvious that, that which they love to do at most is to sleep with top divas or celebrities. To them, they think it is just the best way to leave as a legend.

The Nature Boy who is popularly known as Ric Flair portrays a very unique character which is not far-fetched from his personal lifestyle.

His in-ring features are same to his personal lifestyle. Ric Flair is known as a flirt and as the party type who loves women and strong drink altogether. Ric Flair has encountered several divorces and engagements ever since he parted ways with his wife.

As real and as bad as it gets, the nature boy did not see anything wrong with what he was doing. It appears that his lifestyle back then still follows him even now that he is some worth old. Flair is a member of the WWE Hall of fame and a former WWE champion. Flair gained lots from his in-ring ability and good use of mic while he was still wrestling.

Recently, on an episode of The Ric Flair Show, in the “Ask Naitch” segment, a twitter user had asked The Nature Boy whether there were any celebrity riders of “Space Mountain”. Space Mountain is a term use to refer to as sex by the Nature boy as a slang known by his friends and himself. The question was not striking to him, and he did not think about it before responding to it.

Flair initially responded by saying “Several Dozen” and laughed. His co-host Conrad Thompson asked “We gonna get any names today?”, and The Nature Boy said “You want me to start with Halle Berry or what?”. Flair said that he had slept with her in 1997 in Atlanta when she had divorced from David Justice.
When Conrad Thompson asked if there were any other names besides Halle Berry who he would like to mention, Flair said that “We’ll stick with her for now”, wanting to avoid any potential trouble.