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Paul Heyman has been wonderful managing great talent for the company, popular known for his persisting and great managing skills with wrestlers, the company as decided to make a proposal for him to manage more talent for the company, following the continuous lose of WWE star to UFC. Heyman having the capacity to mic well with star will be of great value to the company.

Paul Heyman was popular known for his balance collision with Brock Lesnar were he didn’t only made popular but also increase his title belt as he ready make match available for him. Paul Heyman also manages other superstar like CM Punk and Curtis Axel who were also very successful confirming his record as one of the best manager in WWE.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE has started plan to bring Paul Heyman to bring him to the television department before WWE SummerSlam to help prepare for the next Brock Lesnar match. On top of this contemplation as been go on as the management discuss whether to assign more star to Paul Heyman management.

WWE feels that Heyman can help stars once the brand split takes place next month. Many could use his help, but who could use it more? Baron Corbin might be at the top of the list. Considered to be a great athlete who can do far more in the ring than expected, the one thing that he suffers from is mic work. His mic ability also hurts his look and charisma, both of which he has when walking into a room or a ring. When he talks, all of it goes away, and fans are left with nothing of use. Heyman could literally change his career.