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It is revealed that Rusev and Lana are the latest couple in WWE and according to report; they are currently not in WWE as they are gone for their honeymoon to east Africa.

The couple planed to be out of WWE for 23 days. Latest report states that Rusev and Lana are both scheduled to be at the September 24th WWE live event in Chicago. They are also booked for the September 25th Clash of Champions pay-per-view from Indianapolis but we don’t know if Rusev will be defending that night.

It is believed that Rusev will defend his title the night he will return but it seems that he has got some plans changed about defending his title. Rusev was not joking when he said that he and his lover Lana will be staying out for 23 days as that almost matches up with the timeline for their return at the Chicago live event.

Rusev and Roman Reigns had unfinished which is slightly proving to be canceled as Roman Reigns will now be involved in contending for the Universal Title if he wins Kevin Owens tonight on RAW. He will be qualified for triple threat match contending for the champion. Well, does that means that Rusev and Reigns won’t contend again? Anyway, WWE might just come up with something creative and excellent for the both superstars.