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The bell is still ringing even though the time for the second biggest PPV for the year is near. Oh! How time flies, the WWE SummerSlam is barely two weeks from now and the preparations for the shows are getting hot and hotter by the day. One of the biggest matches of the event is that of The Beast, Brock Lesnar against The Viper, RANDY ORTON. This match has been said to be the focal match for the day.

Other big matches includes that of the fifteen times WWE champion John Cena against AJ Styles and this match is going be really serious as fans all around the world would be looking forward to see who the best and toughest wrestler is among the two superstars and also, the match may mark the end of their of their rivalry. Again, Dolph Ziggler who just got his main event push would be contending with the WWE champion Dean Ambrose for the championship title.

More so, it has been announced that Seth Rollins would be taking off against Finn Balor and a singles match; while there has been some talk about the match and how good the two men are, very few have considered the amount of pressure the two men have on their shoulders. What could this finally turn out to be? Well, come what may, the WWE Universal Championship must be determined between the two wrestlers at the WWE SummerSlam event show.

Furthermore, while this match would be the first PPV for Finn Balor after his debut into the main rooster, it is also the first biggest PPV after WrestleMania and also, in fact, the first of the big four’s after Seth Rollins’ return. But the question here is, is Seth Rollins prepared for the match at SummerSlam? Rollins while performing in other PPV’s is a chore in itself, wowing the audience at one of the big four’s is something that can’t be done without complete preparation. Does this mean that Seth Rollins is not prepared? Anyway, let’s just hope it won’t happen that way.