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The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins almost ended his career due to injury; it was really painful to him and to his fans at large. But he is back to ring and there is now cheers.

Rollins made a surprising return to the ring. It is revealed that Rollins showed up at the Talk is Jericho and was interviewed. Discussing to Jericho, he said that he would love to face AJ Styles and Sami Zayn someday now that he is back to the ring. See what he said in the interview:

“Everybody, but AJ mostly. [We wrestled] once. One time 10 years ago, so we’re two different humans at this point. I was 19 [years old]. He was 28 [or] something like that. It was two different people. Now [we are] two different performers. It would be great to get back out there.

I mean, it was in a VFW in Muscatine or something in front of my friends and my grandma was there. This one and the next time I’m sure will be on a much bigger stage, so it will be nice to have that [come] full circle. And he’s just a dude that I just love. He’s just great, so that’ll be awesome. And Sami, I haven’t worked with Sami in a while, so he’ll be cool to get in the ring with as well.”

Well, this match may indeed turn out to be real and if it does, I wonder what will really happen. Anyway, let’s see how possible it will turn out to be.