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It has often times been said that doctors knows the health of any sick or injured patient which makes them to command obedience at all cost because they know the status of a sick person.

The former WWE Superstar Terry Funk has been reportedly injured for a fairly long time and has been under treatment. He had missed so much in the company as he told his fans and all officials because of his ill health which happened to be slightly severe.

According to PWInsider, Terry Funk was scheduled to be in Tommy Dreamer’s corner for last night’s House of Hardcore Main Event in Philadelphia but due to feeling dizzy because of serious health issues, Funk had to leave the former ECW Arena and apparently went back home.

Funk was actually told by doctors not to get in the ring but he ignored them and cut a promo, according to PWInsider. Funk told fans at the historic venue that he didn’t want to leave the building or the ring because he knew if he left, he wouldn’t be back.