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With all that has been said so far, it is believed simply that Shane McMahon is just on his way out of WWE. This may be sooner or later depending on how fast the issue at hand lingers.

WWE is still craving to get UFC which was previously mounted for sale by its leadership and as a matter of fact, report has it that WWE is really taking some really serious steps to getting the company and running it themselves.

ESPN recently reported that the Ultimate Fighting Championship is still very much for sale and the news is gaining momentum by the day. As revealed by multiple sources, a number of four bidders have been enlisted and WWE is not excluded. The first bidder being a very renowned Chinese company who could have been favored to win the company but that wouldn’t work because the company has no grounds on the American sports market. Hence, patronage from Americans would be very low.

The condition for getting UFC is just that Vince McMahon will have to stay very far from the WWE for some good time as it is revealed that UFC president Dana White and Frank and Lorenzo Fertita may not want to sell the company to someone who has a WWE roots. And if eventually Vince McMahon finally gets a hold of the company’s ownership, that means, we may be seeing Shane McMahon leaving WWE to run UFC.