WWE NEWS: Shane McMahon Not Expected To Last Long On WWE TV – Is He Leaving WWE? — See Details…

Last week on the WWE Monday Night RAW show Vince McMahon showed up at the event to announce who the various managers for both RAW and SmackDown. It was announced and according to report Shane McMahon was made the commissioner of SmackDown while Stephanie McMahon the manager of SmackDown.

It is revealed that there were cheers from all angles and the old school quarters of the IWC were overjoyed when Shane McMahon was named Commissioner of SmackDown. But this joy and cheer may not last for a very long time as Shane McMahon is not sure whether he will last on the WWE TV. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Shane was overheard telling some friends that he is uncertain of how long he will remain on WWE TV. Well, what could this mean?

Anyway, in answering that question, one can simply draw out meaning from his speech in two areas. It may mean that he could take a break from making appearances or rather he would be more of a behind-the-scenes presence. Whichever ways seems correct and absolute. Well, looking at it from the right perspective, due to his crowning as the GM he may be more of a behind the scenes presence.

More so, after the coronation, Vince McMahon asked both Shane and Stephanie McMahon to get general managers for the shows that they have been ordained to control, and as urgent as it may be, the general managers has to be announce on the next week episode of WWE Monday Night RAW. Since after this announcement, rumors have gone out announcing that come next week, Daniel Bryan will be announced as the General Manager of SmackDown.

Furthermore, if this rumor is to believed, it really means that WWE SmackDown has got a very well loaded general manager to boast of because Daniel is one Superstar that is organized in doing things. Nobody has been rumored to be the GM of RAW anyway but we hope it turns out to be a very creative person as well.