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WWE teased the debut of Sister Abigail last week on Smackdown Live when Bray Wyatt, who will be facing Randy Orton at the upcoming No Mercy Pay per view, was locked inside a storage pod and later seen on security footage thanking Sister Abigail for returning to him.

When Orton later returned to the pod to check on his nemesis, all that could be found was Wyatt’s signature rocking chair, which has left many to believe that Sister Abigail helped Wyatt escape the pod. While WWE has teased the debut of Sister Abigail countless times in the past, this latest one looks to finally be the breaking point that brings the mysterious figure on television.

With that being said, there is still the mystery of exactly which Woman’s superstar would be the one to debut as Sister Abigail when the No Mercy Pay per view goes live this Sunday on The WWE Network. WWE could go with one of their established stars, or even one of their lesser known NXT stars and give them a chance on main roster, but with not a lot of them fitting in that mold of a sister Abigail type and little time to really bring anyone else in, WWE’s officials choice looks to be a painfully obvious one. In fact, her recent repackaging as a black haired woman and subsequent absence from the company after her wellness policy violation, points to Eva Marie debuting as Sister Abigail at No Mercy.

Of course, the situation would probably just be a one off for now, especially since Eva Marie is off filming a movie right now, but having her debut as Sister Abigail at No Mercy would certainly be the best way to get people talking until her next appearance. That said, The WWE Universe will probably be unhappy with WW’s choice of who to finally cast as Sister Abigail, but in the end, Eva Marie would certainly bring a lot to the character. Sure, fans might hate it at first and some might even swear off the character completely, but with the kind of heel heat she generates on a nightly basis and her charming looks, WWE would definitely be smart to try this move out.

What do you think? Will this be the debut of Sister Abigail in The WWE? If so, will it be Eva Marie or will WWE surprise fans with another superstar instead