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Goldberg claims that during his match with William Regal, the latter resented him for his success,

#2 Greed: Coming back to WWE

During the time that Goldberg was away from WWE, he didn’t have good things to say about the product (and that’s putting it mildly).

Not only has he been critical of professional wrestling itself, he’s often felt that in WWE there were forces working against him to keep him down. In the interview linked below, he was asked if his son would ever join WWE.

Goldberg promptly replied by saying he would rather purchase a company and employ his son than allow his son Gage Goldberg to work for the WWE.

Cut to 2016, when not only is Goldberg back in the company after burying it but his son, too, has been an integral part of his program. There’s only one way to explain his newfound love for wrestling – the cash that goes along with it.

Goldberg is earning a fat pocket with his limited appearances and has hence made a complete 360-degree turn about the wrestling business. If this is not greed, we don’t know what is!

#1 Lust: Going after the WWE Championship

If you thought Goldberg only returned for a fat paycheck and one appearance, think again.

Not content with pinning Brock Lesnar and taking away an opportunity from someone else to do so, Goldberg is going after the title this time at the Royal Rumble. As he’s made it abundantly clear, he’s only doing so to be a superhero for his wife and son. Of course, it’s also for the millions of kids who are cheering him on.

Lust works in different ways, and in this case, Goldberg is lustful for fame. Having never taken the business seriously in his lifetime, he wants another moment in the limelight. At a time when WWE needs new stars, Goldberg is a hindrance instead of an asset.

Brock Lesnar had been built as a monster who was squashing full-time performers left right and centre. Goldberg, a 49-year-old part-timer, beat Lesnar in all of 1 minute and 26 seconds. In doing so, Goldberg buried the entire full-time roster in a way.

Believe it or not, we are actually Goldberg fans. Despite the fact that he’s only egged on by lust these days. Perhaps we lust for the days of the Monday Night Wars one more time.

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