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WWE appointing Paige as SmackDown Live General Manager.jpgAs reported by PWInsider, the WWE higher-ups are incredibly high on Paige working as the SmackDown Live General Manager.

Apparently, the backstage reaction to Paige essaying the aforementioned role has been positive thus far. Besides, additional details on the same have also been revealed.

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Paige announced her retirement from in-ring competition earlier this year and has been serving as the on-screen General Manager of the WWE’s SmackDown Live brand since April.

As noted by several professional wrestling pundits, the WWE had high hopes from Paige as she commenced essaying the role of an authority figure on the WWE’s blue brand.

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Veteran professional wrestling journalist Mike Johnson of PWInsider asserted that the WWE is extremely happy with Paige essaying the SmackDown Live GM role thus far.

Additionally, Johnson elucidated that the WWE could feature her more prominently on its television programming especially towards WrestleMania 35 season next year since the movie based on her life would be releasing around the same timeline.

Furthermore, it was emphasised that Paige will most definitely receive more screen-time as the WWE Universe approaches WrestleMania 35 season, in order to promote her aforementioned movie.

“Fighting With My Family”—the movie that chronicles Paige’s personal and professional lives—is expected to have its initial release in the first quarter of 2019.

The movie has piqued the attention of both the professional wrestling as well as the entertainment industry worldwide; not only owing to the number of investments being made in it, but also due to the anticipation for the movie given Paige’s popularity in pro-wrestling circles.

Presently, Paige is expected to continue portraying the role of SmackDown Live’s General Manager and is often seen on-screen every Tuesday night on SmackDown Live broadcasts