WWE NEWS: SmackDown Live Superstars Attacked By Robbers — See Items Stolen & Damaged

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, it’s yet another robbery case for WWE Superstars. It seems this is becoming the latest trend; who knows who is next.

WWE Superstars Heath Slater and the Ascension had a crappy day yesterday … because some jerk broke into their rental car to jack their belongings.

Slater posted a photo of his broken window on Twitter yesterday with the caption, “Would you look at that!!!!! Welcome To Oakland…”

Furthermore, The Ascension both noted that they had their backpacks stolen and Viktor referred to the thief as “a real champion of humanity”

No word on whether the incident took place at the arena or their hotel beforehand … however, we can all agree that whoever took their stuff is a piece of crap.

Earlier, we reported that another top WWE representative was shot at while driving his SUV through an area alongside a WWE Companion.

Ricardo Rodriguez fell on the other side of things during a demonstration of vandalism which resulted to him being shot at.