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At Last Released Superstar moves From Grass To Grace

In the time past, the WWE superstars have expressed their dissatisfaction on how they are poorly booked by the WWE. Batista’s likes have expressed their annoyance on the creation of the WWE team and has gone from the company. Cody Rhodes is one of the wrestlers that asked for freedom from the WWE and was granted to him without objections or waste of time.

Although he is not the only person that was freed, Wade Berrett has also left the company.

Most of the Superstars have been poorly booked by the WWE. Receiving their freedom with good fate, Cody Rhodes draws out a list of the names of those he intends to work with. It is very exciting that the name of Kurt Angle was among the names mentioned by Cody Rhodes.

Without wasting time a match was scheduled. For the very first time, the duo and the two are going to be facing each other and this match will be taking place in New York, at Dutchess stadium, on the 27th of August. Reported by

Presently, Kurt Angle wrestles with an independent promotion and has a match with Cody Rhodes which will be beneficial to the latter in getting back his reputation and integrity as a wrestler. This would also be a good restart for Cody Rhodes to get back to the top of wresting scene apart from the WWE.