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Kevin Owens was said to be the winner of the WWE money in the Bank and this news flied very high to the ears of almost all citizens of every nations because Kevin Owens is a champion who has morals and reputations.

According to report, Kevin Owens has won the heart of the WWE chairman Vince McMahon and Vince has been exalting him since all this while and the praise of him has gone far by Vince McMahon. Even at this, it is revealed that plans have changed and another winner has arised.

Few days back, Dean Ambrose tipped the scale. Dean Ambrose has proven that he will be the prior winner of the Money in the Bank match and this also has gone wide. With the look of things one has to just believe the fact that Ambrose will take it on the MITB match.

Well, come what may, I am very sure that, former Intercontinental Champion, Dean Ambrose will get it done as he is a brave and valiant wrestler who has passion for his career and as simple as he is, he loves winning. Let’s see how it happens anyway, time shall tell.