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Two WWE superstars were in recent time suspended due to drug test failure, the one who is a known family man was surprisingly suspended while he was doing better as a member of Social Outcast most fans can’t wait to see Rose go back to his Leo Kruger gimmick but seeing him getting the camera attention alone was a good thing.

WWE star Adams Rose didn’t admit to the suspension claimed that the drug test failure was a mistake from WWE’s side not his fought. Rose tweeted on his handle claiming the WWE knew about his medication over a year ago he added he has ADHD was using Adderall a known Stimulant.

The doctor released a note claiming Adam Rose’s innocent, while shows WWE made a mistake with Rose proving them wrong it was notice that Rose removed all his social media post about the issue and this normally occur when WWE contact a Superstar to do so.

The good news is that if Adam Rose should do anything again it will be counted as a secomd offence and not a third offence that forces WWE to fire a star and they can’t be back until at least a year. Adam is now allowed to come back and work for WWE some other talent where also given rehab if they ask for it.