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There are various tag teams in the WWE company and some are of great important where as others are just there looking and watching things happen while the main tag teams makes things happen. The New Day tag team is said to be one of the most favorite of the WWE both to fans and even to the WWE officials alike.

The WWE Universe are highly impressed by the way this stable does their things in the ring. Their team has won tremendous awards which includes Tag team of the Year(2015), Best Gimmick (2015) and WWE Wrestlers of the Year (2015). Indeed The New Day members are really impressive.

More so, we reported earlier that The New Day currently accepted a challenge invitation from the Wyatt’s Family; this is another powerful tag team champions. Rumors has it that the match against the Wyatt’s will probably be the last match of the New Day as tag teams because it is revealed that the group is falling apart. It is Vince McMahon’s plans really for the team to separate because he wants to use Big E as a new face after brand split for WWE.

Vince McMahon just wish the splitting could be hastened up because he saw a great potential in Big E and he feels that Big E can really make impact in the WWE world as a single fighter. This then means that after the separation of the New Day tag team, Big E will be given a main rooster push which will enable him face top superstars at main events as a single fighter.

Well, we are almost close to next year as the report states that the team will fully separate and each of them going their way next year. This is so sad, because it is really going to hurt fans and even critics of the WWE because The New Day has really affected many lives. We just hope that this rumors turns out to be false and not true.