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The fight between these two wrestlers seems to be going extra miles as original planed by the WWE Company. The just ended episode of RAW was indeed war and a match to always talk about.

In observation, the match between the World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and AJ Styles, has always been held and Roman Reigns always in the lead. What really happened at the ended RAW was no different from what has been happening.

Roman Reigns really dealt with AJ until the two giant friends of his Anderson and Gallows came to make the save. Reigns tried hard in fighting these giant but was overpowered. Reigns received some hot touch until the Usos was introduced in to the ring.

The feud continued in a much stronger pattern leaving all superstars involve weak and weary. You can view this for yourself and grab the glimpse of how really the match went for words are not enough to explain except you view it.