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So far as can be judged, it’s not been too good with Vince McMahon and The Undertaker’s lately. It was made known on a formal account that Vince had reached out to The Undertaker on appearing at SummerSlam but no response was gotten.

It came to notice that The Undertaker spoke to his close pals of his loss of interest in wrestling after Vince required him to lose to Shane McMahon at the WrestleMania 32.

After his refusal, presently he has no interest in appearing for now which simplifies the reason he advertised for a new date, removed from most and also removed from the finally from The European Tour.

According to Vince is making effort to settle things with The Undertaker but he is not showing or making any positive responses to hm. Presently, his contract with the WWE only requires that he wrestle’s once yearly to receive his down side guarantee in order for him to be paid for the rest of the year irrespective of anything.

Peradventure he decides not to complete the next year, his contract along side with that of Daniel Bryan will freeze. The brain behind it is that since he doesn’t work with WWE, they have to hold back his deal pending when something comes up.