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Brock Lesnar popularly known as the Beast only shows up the ring on contract matches. The last time we saw him in the ring was at the WrestleMania 32 where he faced and defeated Dean Ambrose in a street fight.

Since after the WrestleMania 32, Lesnar has been very hard to find. Where has he gone to? The answer to this question is that he has gone to the place where he has always been. Brock Lesnar is the second WWE’s highest paid wrestler.

Fortunately, Brock Lesnar has been scheduled to return to the ring in August, though his rival has not been announced, but to many it seems that Bray Wyatt will engage in a fight with Lesnar. The injury story of Bray is not new to us; we know how he sustained a calf injury during a live event match with Roman Reigns.

Bray Wyatt is to return in June as well and with this he may truly face Brock Lesnars. But it has been revealed that the original plan for Brock is for him to face Braun Stroman. Again at the live event in June, Kevin Owens will face Lesnar. Anyway, let’s wait till June, when the whole event will come to pass.