WWE NEWS: Things You Never Knew Happened In WWE Previous Event — This Is Indeed A Revealed Secret…

Seems that SmackDown is really missing out somethings in their features. What could that be? who could ever have imagined this? This is very serious!

It seems like they did after the two hour tv program was taped Tuesday night without a single mention of who Brock Lesnar’s opponent for Summerslam may be.

While some might think this is due to WWE wanting to entice viewers to watch the Smackdown taping on Thursday night, the real reason for Lesnar’s absence seems to be a bit more than that. In fact, it appears that WWE is afraid to make a definite move with their Beast Incarnate.

According To Wrestlezone.com, the reason why The Brock Lesnar announcement wasn’t made during the taping was due to WWE wanting to edit the segment in later to surprise fans and give them a reason to watch the show on Thursday. While that is one theory of why the events played out the way they did on Tuesday, another theory states that WWE doesn’t have a definite answer to who his opponent is yet.

According To WWE Rumor Roundup, WWE is holding off on the Brock Lesnar announcement and waiting to see how is fight with Mike Hunt at UFC 200 goes. The reason behind this is said to be that WWE is waiting to see how Lesnar does in the fight and choosing his opponent from there. It is also being rumored that WWE is afraid of Lesnar’s star power diminishing if he loses to Hunt in The Octagon.

For that reason, it seems that WWE may have gone and taped two announcement videos. While neither of those will probably be played until after Lesnar’s fight on Saturday, they most likely feature Lesnar calling out two different opponents and are based on whether Lesnar won or lost in the Octagon. Who these mystery opponents are remains to be seen, but it looks like well get more information as the week goes on and WWE decides on a more concrete plan.