TNA NEWS: TNA Superstar Found In Point Of Death After A Huge Match – See Details…

The bloodymania 10 of the TNA was a huge fight to always talk of even till another season. The match was so shocking and as we saw the unusual happening like never before. The TNA fans were sore shocked and very surprised what they thought was the madness of a superstar.

After the match, report stated that Jeff Hardy almost ran mad in the TNA ring. Below was a report according to
Jeff hardy caused a disastrous scene after his match at Bloodymania 10 against Kongo Kong and Willie Mack.

He started destroying all the objects in the ring and acted in a manner that worried everyone – the fans, the bookers, his friends, and family. However, there is reportedly more to the story than first reported. The wife even had to give an account of what really happened in the ring and what she and the rest of the family members witnessed Jeff Hardy doing in the ring.

During the triple threat match, Jeff Hardy was hit with a running hip attack by Kongo Kong that knocked him out for a brief second. His neck hit the turnbuckle and it was speculated that it this point he was concussed.

Post-match, Hardy was destroying objects in the ring and throwing around his ring gear. A fan handed him a cutout of Chris Benoit and El Dandy, who Hardy mistook for Eddie Guerrero. He then proceeded to climb to the top of the ladder, point at the sky and said “I miss you”.

Beth Hardy posted “My husband can barely walk and can’t turn his head after his match last night. It’s straight to the hospital when we land.”. Beth Hardy proceeded to state that the CT scan showed that there was no concussion, but a swelling which his chiropractor could help him work through.