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As the GM of RAW, Mick Foley has to take responsibilty of almost all what happens in the RAW brand. And as a matter of fact, every complaints and requests are made to him, which means he has to manage the affairs of talents in his brand.

Strowman demanded that Monday Night Raw General Manager, Mick Foley, find him a suitable opponent for next week’s edition of Monday night Raw and while a teasing tweet by Foley seems to point to the return of a WCW legend to face the former Wyatt Family member, it is more than likely that WWE is planning a huge swerve instead. Who that swerve includes depends on who you ask, but a new article by is pointing towards Strowman’s opponent being none other than Roman Reigns.

According To,” Another idea, which was in the comments section below this post, was for him to interfere in the Hell in a Cell match of Roman Reigns vs Rusev for the United States Championship by breaking open the cell. This would be a great way to not only insert Strowman into a title picture but to also show his brute strength as he tore the cell apart with his bare hands.” While it might be a little too soon to put a talent like Strowman into the title picture, a thrashing from an opponent like Strowman would be a good way to generate fan support for Roman Reigns.

With that being said, WWE could still give fans the surprise of the century by having Goldberg, who Mick Foley teased as Strowman’s opponent with the hashtag, whosnext, but why would WWE waste Strowman’s winning or Goldberg’s drawing power on a televised show and not on pay per view. It just doesn’t make any sense and wouldn’t serve any kind of purpose at all. Another possibility given by is that the opponent will be someone like The Big Show, Mark Henry or another established guy in The WWE.

As for me, i would say WWE would be better off to stick with a smaller sized babyface. While this probably won’t be a suitable opponent for Strowman and might even make him even angrier than what he already is, it would also establish Strowman as a beast if he were to completely destroy a beloved babyface in the company. Now, the big question for you is, Who do you think is the next opponent for Strowman?