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RAW and its people has become a burden for some superstars in the brand and this is pretty why some top superstars are making their ways to SmackDown live so as to have a very cool booking and position.

It’s been no secret that Cesaro — ever since the WWE Draft, has been vocal about going to SmackDown LIVE. In a backstage interview after the draft, Cesaro indicated that he should’ve been transferred to SmackDown instead of RAW because he thought there were more opportunities for him on SmackDown.
After the draft, Cesaro started feuding with Sheamus, which led to the Best-of-Seven Series. At Clash of Champions, Cesaro and Sheamus, fought each other in the final bout of the Best-of-Seven Series, with the match ending in a no-contest.

Acknowledging their performance in the Best-of-Seven Series, RAW GM Mick Foley paired the two together promising them a shot at the tag titles if proved to be good.

After facing a series of competitors, both of them got a title shot at Hell in a Cell, but failed to capture them at the PPV. Foley again after witnessing their performance at Survivor Series a few days ago awarded them a title shot the next day on RAW.

More so, just an hour after participating in his second tag team match for the RAW Tag Team Championship against the New Day, WWE Superstar Cesaro reveals that he was tired of his position in the WWE RAW brand and this may promote his journey to SmackDown live. Daniel Bryan really offered a open arms asking him to come to SmackDown live. See tweets below: