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Fans were worried and they had every right to be! WWE’s announcement of the upcoming brad split, which is said to include a live Smackdown and a huge draft, was something fans have been waiting to happen for quite a while.

WWE is already proving their incompetence handling the idea. In fact, there latest proposed move might leave WWe’s flag ship Monday night program with a huge hole in it!

According to reports from reliable sources,”

Apparently, WWE is considering putting Brock Lesnar on SmackDown, which is the show that “The Beast” called home after the original brand split back in 2002.

The rumor goes on to stater that, John Cena will be the face of SmackDown. So, if Lesnar ends up on WWE’s Tuesday show, then they’ll be putting their two biggest stars on the same show. Of course, Lesnar will only be around part of the time while Cena will be on the show every single week, barring injury.”

Although some fans may see this is a good thing, especially those that want to see Brock Lesnar and John Cena reignite their feud from a couple years ago, this leaves Monday Night Raw without the star power needed to help retain interest in the show.

Sure, this will open the door for some younger stars to have a chance in the spotlight, but if they don’t maintain interest, Monday Night will become an ever bigger ratings disaster the nit already is.

I’m not saying i don’t want Smackdown to succeed, i just believe it will have a better chance of succeeding if WWE were to balance the roster a bit more then that. Taking two of the biggest draws in WWE and putting them on one show not only will tip the odds in Smackdown’s favor, it will also force Monday Night Raw to build new stars for their main event picture. Yeah, it will probably happen eventually, but until it does, Raw will be at a major ratings disadvantage.