WWE NEWS: Top Rumors Surrounding John Cena Lately – See Details…

John Cena has grown very big in the WWE and everything that has to do with him is some worth pleasing to fans and essentially worthless to critics. Well, no matter what comes the former champions’ way, his WWE cannot be changed.

Lately, lots of rumors have been said about the former WWE champion and this thing has really given rise in social media networks. First in the list of rumor is his disappearance since after losing to AJ Styles in a triple threat match against Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles. Cena left WWE to feature a more important course but rumor has it that he left in shame and regret of being a loser.

It has often times been reported that John Cena has been scheduled to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 which may possibly be The Undertaker’s retirement match. What has given rise to more talks in the WWE is the fact that John Cena revealed that fact he had to make his girlfriend Nikki Bella sign a 75 page agreement before letting her move in with him.

Some time ago, John Cena was rumored to be dead because of the slight accident he had with a sport car which was not that severe and the fake news of his death made waves most especially in social media. In all these, Cena being a mature fellow has nothing to say because he knows that such are bound to happen in life.

More so, the news that has kept men waiting is the news of John Cena’s wedding with Nikki Bella. When will it be? This is a question that some crazy fans have been putting across lately. Well, we hope soon or lalter, but the fact remains that John Cena will marry Nikki Bella.