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At the last episode of WWE Monday night RAW, the SmackDown live general manager and his commissioner, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon showed up to talk about some relevant issues regarding Survivor Series.

Survivor Series is going to be a hit as it would be featuring superstars from RAW and SmackDown and as we can all see, preparations seems to have been carried out already. I just cannot wait for the PPV this Sunday.

It Appears that Randy Orton will be taking break soon as his Wife and him are going to become parents and According to Dave Meltzer’s Newsletter he may take break prior to Survivor Series Pay-Per View this Sunday.

He is Expected to be out till 29th November.

Lets see how Smackdown Live does without “The Apex Predator”. His break may open Gates for some Smackdown Live Superstars and they may get major pushes.