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The WWE is made up of several show ups which include the debuts of superstars or the signing and re-signing of superstar, the release of superstar, the suspension and lots more. Before now, there have been reports that the WWE has plans to release some superstars before Summerslam and many of them include the superstars whose contract with them shall soon fade off.

In the list given was the name of Alberto Del Rio written in bold letters. The report stated that WWE is planning to release Alberto Del Rio due to the fact that he is being paid huge sum of money while he is carrying on less work for the Company. Recently, reports reaching us states that Del Rio is in deep contemplations of leaving the WWE once his contract ends in October. We now hear that when he re-signed with the WWE in September 2015, he had a clause inserted in his contract that allows him to quit the company before he is obligated to.

More so, according to, while Del Rio has nothing to complain when it comes to the monetary aspect of his contract, he is frustrated with his booking. The former WWE Champion is discontent about the fact that he and partner Paige were drafted to separate brands – he’s on SmackDown while she’s on Raw.

Furthermore, there were chances of Del Rio to have made a lot of money working for Lucha Underground and other brands in Mexico. He was approached by TNA just before he re-signed with WWE last year, but didn’t sign because the contract left a lot to be desired, monetarily. Considering what we heard from Alberto Del Rio in previous times, one would want to see this as a rumor because in the previous interview with the former champion, he said that he still have four or five years to spend in the WWE and may not go away until he lay hold on the WWE championship title again and the Intercontintal Championship.