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WWE has succeeded in cleaning their spring this season and it appears that another spring cleaning exercise is on the way.

During the WWE spring cleaning, lots of superstar were released from duty and many of them has positioned themselves in another company to work. The issue is that, they now work elsewhere but with different ring name.

Ryback had issue with the WWE and was released. He had to go and pursue a career elsewhere with the ring name, The Big Guy. As noted, former WWE intercontinental Champion Ryback recently booked his first post-WWE appearance for WrestlePro on October 14th in Cresskill, New York and on October 15th in Brooklyn. It was also announced that he will be appearing at WrestleCade and is being advertised as “The Big Guy, formerly known as Ryback.”

Another in the list is, the former WWE world heavyweight and US champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio returned to WWE and in his first match, he won the United States championship title from John Cena and this arouse an interest in him by WWE. He was promised to be given a main even push but the promise was not fulfilled as he fell in love with Paige.

After several huddles with the company, Del Rio had to request his release. His request was granted him but was not allowed to use the name Alberto Del Rio to wrestle in other wrestling promotions. This is because, WWE claims that the name belongs to them, they gave it to him and they are taking it back.
So, Alberto Del Rio as he was popular known now is known as Alberto El Patron. So, the former WWE champion is now been identified as El Patron instead of Del Rio.