WWE NEWS: Top WWE Legends Has Just Left The Company — See Why They Left…

The Monday Night Raw after WWE SummerSlam sure was lively and the crowd in attendance, and those watching at home, certainly had enough to react to on the three-hour show.

Bayley finally made her debut as an actual member of the WWE’s main roster as she was signed to RAW, while Finn Balor was forced to give up the Universal Championship after just one day because of an injury caused by Seth Rollins in their match on Sunday.
One of the bigger moments was when The Dudley Boyz announced their departure from the WWE, a year after they made a stunning return.

“The Dudley Boyz are once again free agents as their “goodbye” on last night’s RAW was legit and not part of a storyline,” PW Insider wrote.

The duo also took to social media before Monday Night Raw to announce that it was time to call it a day in the WWE for a second time.

Incredibly, The Dudley Boyz got to go out on their own terms, something that many superstars in the company don’t really get to do.

They also went out on their backs, helping to put over Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson as a dangerous heel tag team as the new boys hit their ‘Magic Killer’ on both of the Dudleys.

It does seem that the potential is there for the Dudley Boyz to return again some time in the future, maybe on SmackDown Live when that brand finally get their own tag team titles, but for now at least, the Dudley Boyz are back on the free market.