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The story of the craziest dating superstars in WWE has finally come to end as the both of them are now out of the company. This is indeed a bitter-sweet story for the WWE Universe and officials as well.

The former United State champion Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE last year October and defeated John Cena which handed him the US championship title at that time. It was revealed that WWE promised him a main event push which he did not get due to the fact that Triple H thought that he will too hard to receive a main event push due to his status.

Del Rio fell in love with the former two time WWE women’s champion Paige and within a short while, their relationship went wide in the social media. These lovers became so addicted to each other that they cannot just let go of each other. WWE has done everything within their power to see that they leave each other but to no avail. The lovers were drafted into separate brand just to split them but nothing came out of it.

As at last month, Alberto Del Rio was suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy and in less than 24 hours Paige was also suspended. While on suspension, rumors went out that Alberto Del Rio will not be returning to WWE again and that Paige may just have to follow him out of the company.

Just yesterday, it was reported that Del Rio has been released by the WWE but before then, report stated that Paige has hired a legal attorney to help her work out her release from the company which according to latest report, her claims was successful and together with Del Rio, Paige is gone out from WWE.