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WWE has experienced lots of months and even years as an entertainment company. And over the years, there have been debuts of new talents, release of incompetent talents and even retirements of talents.

AJ styles has been a hit man right from his dealings in the WWE NXT where he finally made it and he was debuted into the company’s main rooster at WWE this year at the Royal Rumble.

AJ Styles is one of the WWE Superstars who gained quick access to becoming the WWE World heavyweight champion. As a hit man in the field of wrestling, he has gained lots of tremendous reputations which include the love of fans and lots more. Vince McMahon seems to be very high on him and has often times regretted the reasons for delaying AJ Styles debut into the company’s main roster.

Years are fast running and AJ Styles is quickly running out of years. He is 39 years old which means that sooner than later, the former champion will be calling it a career with the WWE. He may have a handful of years remaining in his career at best though, but the fact is, those who have followed AJ Styles for years are well aware that he has adjusted and adapted his wrestling style and level according to his age.

Recently, AJ Styles appeared at the to be interviewed and according to report, Styles answered an interesting question about his future which has given each and every one of his fans and even critics an open mind about his mission and vision in WWE and after WWE. See highlight of the interview as stated below:

The Hardcore Gamer: Talk about a guy who has turned his wrestling life and used it to help others – do you have any aspirations to help others after wrestling?

AJ Styles: I enjoy putting together matches – maybe it’ll be down at the Performance Center. I definitely want to stay in WWE and I see as many great kids down there.