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The worse thing that has ever happened in the WWE was the death of a very high hearted and brave superstar. The death was said to be tragic because it was not a natural death at all.

Several years ago, the corpse of the WWE veteran Chris Benoit was found in his house in Georgia. This was a very shocking discovery and a heartfelt death indeed. The discovery immediately went wild on social media networks. After his death, it was revealed that Chris Benoit who was 40 years old killed his wife on a Friday night, his son the following morning and then he himself committed suicide on the Sunday.

According to the report, Chris Benoit’s wife, Nancy Benoit was discovered dead wrapped in a towel in a pool of her blood; where as their son, Daniel Benoit was discovered dead in his bed. Chris took time to make sure he eliminates all in his household before finally killing himself. If this were to be a movie, we would have said, may be he felt like starting up life afresh with his family in the other world.

However, because of this, there have several investigations as to why Chris Benoit did what he did and some results stated that he had damaged brain. According to medical examinations that took place after the tragedy, experts diagnosed Benoit with ‘severe brain damage’ stating that his brain resembled the nature of an ’85-year old Alzheimer’s patient.’

Most times the cause of damaged brains can be so simple. Brain damage sometimes results from concussions and according to Chris’s friends; he had history of terrible injuries which has placed him under concussions in several occasions. The symptoms for brain damage may be that of a mental disorderly person such as unnecessary aggression, depression and erratic behavior. Chris Benoit’s death was one death that will still be remembered in the WWE Universe even in the nearest future of the WWE.