WWE NEWS: Top WWE Superstar Expecting A New Born Baby — See Whose Wife Is Pregnant…

The WWE has gained two major extension within a short period and it seems now that both extension known as the RAW or RED brand and the Blue or SmackDown Live brand are seemingly equal in terms of talents and titles.

Randy Orton is one of the top WWE Superstar in the blue brand and as it is, we cant just stop wishing good things because of his in ring ability, courage and mic skills. Orton was off the ring for a fairly long period of time due to injury but now the Viper as he is fondly called is back to the ring doing his thing in accordance and his styles of return has given the boss of the company reasons to trust him the more.

Over some months now in the WWE, there have been series of announcements of all sorts. Reports such as the death of famous superstars, the release of fans favorite superstars, marriage and pregnancy and even child birth.

Randy Orton is a well known superstar in the WWE who have been away from the company. Lately, we heard that Orton and his wife Kim has announced that they are pregnant with a baby girl who they expect to arrive by November.

Be as it may, the WWE Company just has to give this couple their best wishes and they did by wishing them the best as they enter this exciting new chapter in their lives. This is indeed a thing of joy worthy of celebration.