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At Last Goodbye To Another WWE Superstar…

As we all know who John Cena is the best entertainer ever the WWE has ever produced and will forever be the best of the WWE even in the WWE generation to come. John Cena has recorded lots and lots of tremendous achievements ever since his debut in 2002 into the WWE main rooster.

John Cena is a the fifteen time WWE champion who is known by everybody as carrying the WWE in his blood. John Cena has been the face of the WWE over some years now and as stated by a passersby, he will forever remain the face of the company no matter what. But will it be possible? There have been all around rumor that Cena is about to leave the WWE which will make the WWE fans to find the whole place boring as the people’s champion makes way.

Well, the rumors that has been flying around all this while, stating that John Cena will soon leave the company is all false rumor as John Cena has himself revealed that he still have many more years to stay in the company. Though, Cena is no longer a kid, it seems that he has worn out since he has had series of injuries and surgeries which seems to have depreciated him but the champion is still saying that he is strong.

More so, according to, if you ask Cena, he’ll probably tell you that he’s got another solid 15 years left in him. In a recent interview with ESPN, he admitted as much. He plans on wearing the jean shorts and sneakers in the ring as long as his body will let him. John Cena said

“I’m going to be wrestling for as long as I can. It’s something I’m very passionate about and something that I love”.