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Even at the expense of the WWE wellness policy, some superstars still finds it easy to take hard drugs which is highly intoxicating and take them out of their human nature.

Some days ago, we reported about the arrest of WWE NXT Champion Bo Dallas which was at the Dallas International Airport, in Texas. It was discussed that the superstar was removed from the flight and his ridiculous behavior ultimately resulted in his arrest.

More so, Wrestling Observer reports that WWE has already punished Bo Dallas but the penalty hasn’t been made public. Due to the arrest, he couldn’t compete in the Live events in Mexico and it appears that WWE won’t allow him to wrestle in few of the upcoming events as well.

The arrest became necessary when they tested his level of intoxication. At the time of arrest, Bo’s condition was fatal, not only for himself but for others around him as well.

The host of The Late Shift wrestling podcast, Steven Bell, was a witness of this weird situation involving the WWE Superstar. Bell’s back to back tweets clarified several doubts:

“Uh oh. It would appear as though Bo has been kicked off the plane for being too intoxicated.”

“Not surprising, as I heard him very loudly singing the Lion King Song in the background when on the phone with the wife.”
“If news breaks that Bo is in hot water or if he gets released, you heard it here first.”

“Oh s**t. Police have arrived at the terminal and are going off with the managers to look for the very disruptive Bo Dallas.”

“No further updates, unfortunately, as my wife has to go to her connecting gate.”