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While we are busy rejoicing that the time has finally come for us to see another section of the WWE Survivor Series, it happened that some changes are still been made in the mid card.

It was reported that a top WWE superstar had been removed from the WWE plan of Survivor Series which means that he would not be in performers on the event. The reason for this was not mention anyway.

According to the report, WWE is yet to reveal the superstar that was removed from the card and this has kept some fans in suspense thing that it might just be their own star. WWE is keeping this to them because the event is finally come. They want us to discover the talent ourselves after the matches.

Anyway, it must be for a very good reason. The superstar was not even revealed to be either male or female but we just hope that the changes in the card still make the event work out fine and good. We are looking forward to seeing a very super event next Sunday. What do you think?