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The WWE takes no permission when it comes to the release of any talent in the WWE and as it is, we have heard and read of several release of superstars who disobeys their rules and regulation. More superstars will still be released in time to come because there is an exercise by WWE which is called the spring cleaning. Spring cleaning means releasing superstar who are of little or no use to the company.

Just yesterday, we learned that a Tough Enough competitor Zamariah “ZZ” Loupe was released from his WWE NXT deal. His release carried reactions of both virtue and vice, ZZ was criticized of being unfit for a WWE Superstar, and even during the Tough Enough competition, he was voted all the way to the finals, finishing runner-up to Joshua “Josh” Bredl.

Undermining this fact, ZZ was offered an NXT contract. A short bit of his time in WWE’s Performance Center was documented on the WWE Network show Breaking Ground. He appeared to have struggles coping with the daily grind and cutting weight, but in the last few months, “ZZ” had cut weight.

More so, ZZ’s efforts gained him appearances on NXT live events, and was said to have been showing signs of improvement. However, he didn’t make any televised appearance. His fellow Tough Enough competitor, Patrick Clark, made a televised appearance two weeks ago against Austin Aries in a losing effort. Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl too makes appearances in the live circuit under the name “Bronson Matthews”.

Furthermore, report from PWInsider stated that two other NXT talents were released today – Josh Woods and Tom Kingdon. The release of Josh Woods and Tom Kingdon made the total number of recently released superstars to be three. Below are tweets which comprises of responds and even reactions regarding to these release.