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My friend used to tell me that these wrestlers never cries at all because of what they are into, fighting and inflicting pains to one another; saying that wrestling is payback mission that every partakers has to bear his or her pain without pain without shedding tears for the public to see.

Well, in life, even the strongest man cries no matter how hard his heart may be, he still have emotions and feelings. Here are feelings and emotions shared by some of the WWE Superstars like Brock Lesnar, Bill Golgberg, Sasha Banks and even Kevin Owens. It is just so funny and surprising to hear that The Beast, Brock Lesnar cries, OMG, what a shock! Lesnar revealed that re-watching the film Million Dollar Baby makes him teary-eyed. Now you know that even Brock Lesnar cries right?

More so, Bill Goldberg was asked about what makes him burst into tears most of the times and he stated that “Anytime I’m trying to get my son to listen to what I’m saying and he doesn’t or, something wrong is happening when he is sparring, and I can’t do anything about it” according to Bill Goldberg, his son has bought out his sensitive side. That’s funny, isn’t it?

The former WWE women’s champion gave her own amazing side of the story, you won’t believe what makes Sasha Banks to cry; The Boss, Sasha Banks, said that just thinking about the year she’s had and the success she’s achieved is enough to make her choke up. Kevin Owens on his part revealed that whenever he sees videos of soldiers coming home, he’s “done”! He said that his sensitive side came out when his first son Owen was born, and that he would even cry at a Tuna commercial! This is indeed very amazing.