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The vice president of the WWE Company has been revealed to be the one qualified to take over from the president, Vince McMahon. Triple H is the head and overseer of the WWE NXT platform.

One would ask, how did Triple H qualified to be the boss after Vince McMaon? Well, it is often times said, that good works speaks even when the doer is silent. Triple H has been a good official ever since he joined the company and it is revealed that with the game, WWE is in good hands.

Triple H has done quite a lot of work in the WWE which included the ones done last year 2016. In 2016, according to, Triple H spearheaded WWE, maneuvering NXT from a developmental brand into a legitimate third product option in the company. Furthermore, he rekindled the Cruiserweight division in WWE in such a manner that he made WWE move in lock-step with modern indy wrestling, and simultaneously removed any vestiges of WWE’s largely mishandled Cruiserweight and Light-Heavyweight wrestling history over the past two decades.

More so, there are several other proofs to show that Triple H really does qualify for the boss of becoming the next WWE boss just after Vince McMahon. The only little problem seen here would be with him and the other talents in the company who thought that Triple H is just been rude and arrogant.

Well, just as it should be, there would be amendment along the line if the game eventually becomes the boss of the company. With all that he has done, it is certain that Triple H will be a good replacement for the boss Vince McMahon, what do you think?