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Report recently revealed that there was a heat backstage between Shane Mcmahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H and as it is, the boss of fthe WWE Vince McMahon seems to be impressed with the drama he saw his in-law and children displays at the backstaage. This means that there possibly may be a feud set inline to happen.

It will really be a nice view to watch the commissioners of both RAW and SmackDown Live in a live match at the greatest event of the year, WrestleMania 33. Shane McMahon who is known to be the prodigal son returned to WWE when the WresleMania 32 was almost at hand and it was observable that his sister was not happy with his return because she had thought that Shane McMahon has come to take what she had thought belongs to her.

Well, according to rumor, there will be a big event match between these siblings which has already been in line to be announced to the WWE. Reports says that the WWE creative team are highly in preparation for this match and things are been put in order as to ensure the coming to pass of this bloody feud against the Vince McMahon household.

Anyway, the feud is not for Stephanie facing Shane but Shane facing the game Triple H. The way the match has been designed, it is that any body who happens to be the loser of the match leaves the WWE company. It will be also true to think that the match may not come up any way in the WWE history because the game, Triple H is against it. Triple H may just have to nix the match rather than to face Shane McMahon in a singles match at the WrestleMania 33, so, there is every tendency that the match won’t hold.