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The return of the former WWE US champion was so glamorous and filled with contempt. His return gave him as much friend as his enemies are in the WWE Company.

Alberto Del Rio returned to the company last year October and on his return, he fought and won the US championship title from John Cena but later lost it to Kalisto. Alberto Del Rio was asked to return to the WWE Company by Vince McMahon with the promise of making him a main event fighter, but ever since the return of Alberto, there have been no sign of Vince fulfilling his promise.

Alberto Del Rio is really having problem with Triple H. Triple H has thought it wise that Alberto Del Rio should not be added into the main event rooster saying that, that may just increase the ego of Alberto Del Rio. Triple H has discussed this with Vince McMahon and I am pretty sure that this has been the cause of Alberto Del Rio not been added into the rooster.

I strongly sensed that there would a problem between Triple H and Alberto Del Rio over this issue. Triple H is boldly saying that he does not think that Alberto Del Rio deserves to be in the rooster of main event fighters, and this has been the cause of the delay of Alberto Del Rio.