WWE NEWS: Two Mistakes of Of WWE Megastar Bill Goldberg

Goldberg claims that during his match with William Regal, the latter resented him for his success,

#4 Envy: William Regal controversy

When WCW was on fire and Goldberg was the hot, new star, he was set to face William Regal in a match. A match that went really, abysmally, terribly wrong because of Bill Goldberg!

Goldberg claims that during his match with William Regal, the latter resented him for his success, and stiffed him with a few legitimate shots to make him look weak (the rest of the locker room resented him too, for getting a monster push without legitimate wrestling skills).

Regal, on the other hand, claims that he had to do what he did because Goldberg had never wrestled a match longer than 90 seconds. This was during Goldberg’s 173-0 streak, where his lack of wrestling skills was hidden by short squash matches.

Regal was told to give Goldberg a competitive match, and so he did. Unfortunately, Goldberg still holds a grudge against Regal to this day!

#3 Gluttony: Lying about the streak

In Scott Hall’s words, Goldberg became a huge mark for himself who didn’t like to lose. His 173-0 match win record is something that will probably never be broken. It also resulted in the best business WCW ever did.

However, here’s the burning question! Did Goldberg really win 173 matches? In reality, the number was significantly smaller.

Long time fans of WCW noticed discrepancies between the number of matches Goldberg was supposed to have wrestled and the ones that he actually did! Goldberg’s desire to win every single match resulted in WCW feeding the audience with some unrealistic numbers.

Even house show numbers did not add up (most top WCW talent never even showed up for house shows). Goldberg’s gluttony led to yet another sin – the sin of telling lies!

Journalists speculate that the actual number was more along the figure of 155-0, and definitely not 173-0.

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