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The Monday night RAW and SmackDown Live has become the two major brands in the WWE and it is revealed that each brand has their own titles and belts.

Before now, it was reported that RAW talents will not participate in Smackdown and vice versa but it seems that it is not working the way it was announced because what we see now in the WWE is not what was announced at the beginning of the brand extension plans.

Reports state that two top titles have been changed in the WWE. These titles have been given new names as regarding to the recent brand extension of the WWE. The titles include; The WWE Women’s Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship respectively. Things in the WWE are really getting tougher by the day and soon or late, Raw and Smackdown Live will be equal as wished by Vince McMahon.

According to, it is noted that the SmackDown brand unveiled the currently vacant SmackDown Women’s Championship and SmackDown Tag Team Championship. RAW is apparently following suit with the naming convention, as the WWE Women’s Championship is now listed as the RAW Women’s Championship on, while the WWE Tag Team Championship is listed as the RAW Tag Team Championship.